A true muse, the sea has always been a source of wonderment, inspiration and hope. Just as our pearls are uniquely shaped by water, the sea has shaped our brand, as well as our foundational mission to steward our precious oceans.

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As an ocean-conscious studio, we are grateful for our unique opportunity to dedicate our work to the stewardship of our world's oceans. Through awareness-raising initiatives, and partnerships with ocean conservation NGOs, we are committed to creating a safe, sustainable future for our saltwater planet. 

We are dedicating the month of June to World Ocean's Day to raise awareness about our oceans, as well as how we, as individuals, can contribute to a collective change. As a studio, we will continue to donate 5% of our total sales to Agean Rebreath in support of their conservation initiatives in the mediterranean.

Throughout the month of June, use our code 'ShapedbyWater' for 20% off your total purchases, as well as a free organic net bag with every purchase for as long as our supplies last. 


Click to learn more about our partnership with Aegean Rebreath in support of ocean conservation initiatives in the Mediterranean. 

"Maris means 'of the sea' in Latin. I founded this company to promote an ocean-conscious lifestyle through the sale of our naturally-shaped pearls."

Of the sea, for the sea