Diminutive, but with a sparkle all her own — we love our Sailor earring!
Dainty 6mm pearls featuring our signature natural shape glow on 14-carat gold-filled posts.

A welcome addition to your ear stack, the unique Sailor holds her own as a solo stud or in harmony with your current collection. 

The Features

The SAILOR Earring

⊱ 6mm pearl 

⊱ 14 carat gold fill

⊱ sold as a pair, but gorgeous worn alone

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The perfect everyday pearl — we never take ours off, and neither will you!
We love to give our Sailors as magical gifts to our bridesmaids and best friends.


What is gold fill?                                                                                                 

Gold fill is the ideal compromise between quality and affordability. Our gold fill consists of a thick layer of solid gold which is bonded to a base layer of sterling silver. Gold fill is therefore significantly more resistant to tarnish than gold plate or gold vermeil, which feature a very thin layer of gold electroplated to a base metal, usually nickel or brass. This is why our gold won't turn your ears green, and will last with proper care. 

I have sensitive skin, can I wear Maris Pearl Co.? 

Absolutely! All of our pieces were designed with you in mind. Our pieces are made exclusively with high quality gold fill, so they are ideal for sensitive ears. One of the most common pieces of feedback we receive is from customers with sensitive skin who are shocked that they are able to sleep in their earrings without discomfort.